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Being a part of Ranger and Tucker's Pack has its privileges.  Our Pack rewards are easy to earn, easy to use, and accumulate quickly. We keep track of everything so you don't need to carry a card or anything else.  We also let you know when you have rewards available without even having to ask us. It's that easy!
We aren't being hyperbolic when we say we have the best rewards program in the country.  With all the pet supplies stores out there we have checked all over the country to see if anyone is offering what we offer.  And we can't find any.  And to top it all off, you can earn rewards when you buy from our online shoppe as well. 


Earn Reward Points!

1 Point for every $1. 250 points Gets you $5 in Rewards

Frequent Food Buyer!

Buy 12 Bags of Food, Get One Free of the Same Size!

Frequent Treat Buyer!

Buy 10 Bags of Treats, Get One Free!

Birth/Rescue Month

15% Off One Item in Their Birth Month plus a Free Barkery Treat


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You can sign up for our Running with the Pack Newsletter and find out what you're missing out on by not being a part of our Pack.  Then stop by the Shoppe and finally become a Pack Member. 

We don't send a ton of emails.  Only about 1 or 2 a month so you won't get overwhelmed but it will keep you up to date on our new products and specials for Pack Members only

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