About Pupcakes and Pawstries

Who are you People?

Pupcakes and Pawstries Barkery and Shoppe carries a full line of dog food and treats as well as everything else you need to outfit your life with your dog.

We created our Shoppe on a whim, really. My wife and I had rescued a German Shepherd Dog from North Carolina

and made him a part of our family. Now this GSD, Ranger, was a very picky eater, even for a German Shepherd. It took us weeks to figure out what food he liked and what snacks he liked. Finally we acquiesed and made him some homemade treats as well as roasting him a chuck roast.

He loved both.

So armed with this information we began to bake him different treats. And then we began sharing those baked goodies with the rest of our family's dogs.

One thing led to another and we put together a plan and we opened our own dog bakery or a better term for it is a Barkery.

Ranger and Tucker

Our Philosophy

Corporations Can Be Good Citizens

Pupcakes and Pawstries tries to be environmentally conscious when we do business. We use locally sourced ingredients when they are available.We support companies that support sustainable farming and ranching.We use organic ingredients when they are available and we always use whole food; no imitation powders, flavorings, or fillers. Our cheddar cheese biscuits have real shredded organic aged cheddar cheese, our grass fed beef biscuits have real grass fed beef.

We donate 1% of our Sales to local rescues and other charitable organizations.  We support local rescue groups with in store rescue days as well as accept donations for our local rescues for customers that have items to donate.

The Companies We Carry

We only carry products from other companies that we fully support and would have no hesitation in giving to our Boys. We constantly seek out new products from companies that have similar philosophy. We also love to find new and unique products for our customers to try out.  We have no problems in removing products from our shelves if the company no longer produces a quality product or errs in their actions.

We Have Great Reviews

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Blythe K.

My favorite pet store to stop in when visiting family in NJ. The owner is super nice, and his selection is great.

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Dav M.

Fantastic supply of pet goods for all things such as foods, toys, clothing, grooming supplies and best of all – treats and pupcakes.  Great service and the owner has an extremely friendly demeanor and really shows his dedication to animals. Great place to visit and shop for that special family pet.

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Justin T.

Super nice owner / manager who was there when I shopped. Creative treats for your pup – no doubt.  All varieties treats , all types of natural products, toys and wonderful fun birthday and other celebration biscuits for “man’s best friend”

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Kim B.

Paul and co. made my dog an adorable and delicious peanut butter birthday cake that he absolutely loved (and devoured in no time at all!)

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Ranger and Tucker

It's Really Their Shoppe

Ranger stretching out

Our Shoppe

In Pictures

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