Raw Frozen Food

Raw Frozen Food from Great Companies, Ordered Every Week

Delivery to Our Shoppe on Your Schedule

Since we get deliveries every week you can decide to order weekly or monthly or anything in between.  Customize your orders to what you can fit in your freezer.

Notifications When Your order is In

When you order from us and set up a subscription we notify you when your order is in.  No more forgetting that you need to order food! And Your Pup won't go without!

Change Up Your Order for Variety

We ask you each order if you want to change up your proteins or brands.  Just let us know by the order day and you're all set.

Our Prices

Primal Pet Food
6lb Bag of Patties

Beef $35.99

Chicken $31.99

Duck or Lamb $38.99

Pheasant, Rabbit, or Venison $57.99

Turkey & Sardine $37.99

Vital Essentials
6lb bag of Patties

Beef or Chicken $32.99

Boar $50.99

Duck $41.99

Fish $36.99

Rabbit $61.99

Turkey $35.99

Stella and Chewy's Raw Frozen
6lb bag of Patties

Beef, Chicken, or Turkey $33.99

Surf n Turf or Lamb $34.99

Duck $35.99

Pheasant, Rabbit, or Venison $51.99

Boar $40.99

Steve's Real Food
13lb Box of Patties

Beef $60.99

Chicken $54.99

Turkey $54.99

Turducken $54.99

Tucker's Raw
6lb bag of Patties

Beef $29.99

Turkey $29.99

Salmon $29.99

Pork & Beef $27.99

Pork & Bison $27.99

Pork & Lamb $27.99

Nature's Logic
6lb Bag of 8oz Patties or 3.2oz Mini Patties

Beef $37.99

Chicken $35.99

Rabbit $47.99

Venison $51.99

Answers Detailed Frozen Raw Food
4lb Box of 8oz Patties

Chicken- $25.99

Turkey- $30.50

Beef- $31.50


So how does it work?

Decide Which Brand and Protein You Want

We carry a few other raw foods as well.  Give us a call to find out more. 

Call Us or Stop By to Place Your Order

We don't require a payment over the phone. You pay for your order when you Pick it up.

We'll Let You Know when it gets here!

Our deliveries to the Shoppe come every Thursday and Friday.  Place your order before Wednesday and have it in by the end of that week

Call Us and Order Now

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