My First Day, or How I Began on the Path of Bugging My Big Brother

Belinda had wanted to get a second dog almost instantly after we rescued Ranger. Though we had discussed that maybe we only stick to one dog this time it was a losing battle on my part to try to get to adhere to our informal agreement. She’s tenacious. I wasn’t completely on board but I still had an open mind.

One day while Belinda was at The Short Hills Mall St Hubert’s was having a mini rescue day with a partner store. Belinda called me and said that they had this cute little female terrier mix there and that maybe she might be the one to add to our family if Ranger allowed it.

Just an aside, Ranger makes a lot of decisions about what comes into the house and by extension what we sell at the Shoppe. He is our main tester when it comes to new treats and food and he rarely leads us astray. We call him the Prince or Your Highness at times because, well just because.

We had to have Ranger meet this little terrier mix. Which is a good piece of advice for those that are looking to add a rescue to their home if you already have a dog. You want to make sure that your current doggie family member likes and gets along with your new addition before you take the proverbial plunge.

Off to St Hubert’s we go with Ranger in the back seat for his play date with our possible new addition. We get there and Ranger gets distracted by all the doggie smells because, well it’s St Hubert’s and there are dogs everywhere.

Tucker trying to be a big boy
Tucker on his first day hanging in our backyard

Out comes this little terrier and Ranger does something he had never done in the 2 years that we had him; ignore another dog. Some background. Ranger is a dog’s dog. He ignores people and finds it a waste of his time to get attention from people when he is out for a walk or at the dog park. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s really a shepherd thing of being aloof to strangers and so forth.

But put a dog anywhere near him and he wants to be friends and play until they’re both exhausted. That’s Ranger. So when we introduced him to this little puppy he just kept sniffing around and ignoring her. We thought maybe it was the fact he was distracted with the smells so we asked the volunteer to bring out another puppy, a male this time, and we’ll conduct an experiment and see if Ranger ignores him.

Now looking back we speculate that the volunteer had our number and picked Tucker because he’s a lunatic and only us would be able to love him unconditionally. Maybe Tucker was pulling all of his siblings tails or something but he brought him out and we started playing with him.

Ranger stopped sniffing and looked then went back to sniffing. Then all of a sudden he came over and started paying attention to Tucker. And that was pretty much it. Tucker was ours, Ranger anointed the chosen one and we filled out the paperwork.

Little did Ranger know was that Tucker would be a burr in his butt for life. Tucker wanted so much to get Ranger to love him but Ranger had no patience for him as a puppy. Tucker would go to cuddle with him for a nap and Ranger would get up and walk away. The only way Tucker would be able to do that was if Ranger fell asleep first and Tucker would sneak in. If Ranger woke up, he moved to a new spot.

Tucker became and still his the stereotypical little brother. He does exactly what Ranger does and follows him around backing him up (Like a 100lb German Shepherd needs back up). He learned all of Ranger’s bad habits and looks to him for queues as to when he should listen to us. When we call them in from the backyard Tucker looks to see if Ranger is going to move. If he doesn’t Tucker takes a seat. And so on.

Ranger and Tucker
The Two Boys scoping out what is possibly a squirrel

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