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25 Days of Woofmas!

Our Shoppe is stocked with an extravaganza of Holiday Stuff!

Each year we keep adding to our inventory for the holidays and each year they go very fast so make sure you come in early to stock up on your holiday doggie stuff before we run out.

This year we have a special addition to our Holiday Cookies. And since it is almost December you need to come in and get it.

A 25 Days of Woofmas Advent Calendar!

This Advent Calendar is filled with 25 mini cupcakes for each day of December until Christmas.  We have limited quantities so act accordingly.

25 Days of Woofmas
What's Inside the Box

And for Those Who Celebrate Hanukkah

We started carrying our Hanukkah toys the minute we opened and they are our most popular holiday toys.  They go really fast and right now we have very limited quantities.

Our personal favorite is the Dreidel that sings the Dreidel Song and the Gefilte Fish.  

More Toys Means More Funs

Each Year we end the season with one or two toys left.  So each year we get more.  And this year we might have gone overboard.  But that doesn't matter because we love getting more options for our customers to chose from!

We have tons of Holiday Toys available right now!

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