Help in Selecting a Good Dog Trainer

Here is some help in selecting a good dog trainer.

Training your new pup or even brushing up on commands with your dog of many years it is important to select the right trainer for the job. The ACVAB has some great tips to help you choose the right trainer.

The ACVB recommends that owners should interview their prospective trainers with focus on a few details to determine if the trainer is even a correct fit. Interviewing your trainer is a good thing but most people don’t know what to look for or what warning signs to look for when discussing how a trainer goes about training.

Here are a few things that should immediately disqualify a trainer:

  • Equipment recommended for basic obedience includes or is focused on choke, prong or shock collars.
  • Trainers that instruct you on managing your dog’s behavior with punching toes, kneeing, hitting the dog, holding the dog down, yelling at the dog, yanking the collar etc
  • a Trainer that believes most or all training is about being the “alpha” or teaching the dog to “submit”
  • the trainer explains most dog behavior as the dog trying to be “dominant”
  • the trainer recommends “alpha” rolls.

A few other things you might want to talk about with your prospective trainer; are they certified by either the CPDT-Certified Pet Dog TrainerIIABC-International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, or are they certified by the Karen Pryor Academy or any other science based dog behavior organization. Check out their certification websites and look for those red flags above.

Does the trainer offer guarantees? If they do you might want to consider other options. Since every dog is different any trainer that guarantees a result may revert to unwanted training behaviors

These are a few things that you can use to guide you with selecting the correct trainer. And as always make sure you feel comfortable with your interaction with the trainer. If you don’t feel comfortable your dog won’t either.

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