Fromm and Orijen and Chewy dot com

Petsmart bought Chewy dot com (I’m not going to link to the site but I suspect most know of it) and in doing so created a dilemma for a lot of the independent based brands of food and treats. Do they continue to allow their products to be sold on Chewy even though it is now owned by Petsmart therefore going against their independent store based philosophy or to they pull their products from chewy, take a sales hit and just sell though their independent outlets.

We Carry Fromm and Champion Products

Two of our brands we carry, Champion Pet Foods (Makers of Orijen and Acana foods) and Fromm Family Pet have decided to pull their products from Chewy because of the acquisition. Pupcakes and Pawstries applauded that decision and would have hoped they had done it sooner. We have learned that Chewy had sent out a letter to their current Fromm customers and we suspect a similar letter to their Champion customers that obfuscated the truth as to why both Fromm and Champion decided to pull their products. Chewy did not mention that they were purchased by Petsmart in their letter to their customers.

We carry close to the complete line of Fromm Family Pet Food products and we carry close to the full line of Champion (both Acana and Orijen)

products as well. If you used to buy your Orijen, Acana, or Fromm from Chewy we would love for you to come to our store to continue buying these great foods. And if you noticed we have one of the best rewards programs in the country.

Why Give up Free Bags?

And did you know that both Champion and Fromm have a frequent food buyer program? If you gather 12 UPCs from your purchased bags you can submit them to either company for a free bag of food. Did anyone at Chewy mention that to you when you started buying from them? Did we also mention that if you shop at our store we help you redeem those UPCs? Essentially, you would receive two free bags of food; one from us and one from the company. How is that not incentive enough to shop here!

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