Tucker defying thunder

F*ck You, Thunder!

Tucker and Ranger both get a little nervous when thunder storms hit the area. Not as bad as they used to and more so when the house rattling cracks of thunder ring out. This is a quick story about Tucker and his big
F**K YOU to thunder the other day.

About a week ago when had those rolling squalls come through the state and our two boys were a little on edge. Needless to say getting them to go out was a difficulty during those squalls but at least there was enough down time in between to get them to run around and blow the stink off of them. But this didn’t last long and they were forced to stay inside this one night.

The weather calmed down around bedtime and we did our nightly ritual of them going out for the last time and then getting snacks and then bed. It al seemed to work out and it looked like the storms were done for the time being. We went to sleep. Around 2 in the morning Tucker (who sleeps in the bed since we are his pack, well more specifically on top of me) gets up and I follow him downstairs. Usually this means he needs to pee so it’s a quick in and out and back to sleep. When we got downstairs the storms were back and it was raining with a slight thunder rumble in the distance and Tucker was having none of that Bullsh*t. So he poked his head out, turned and looked at me, then pretty much just gave this look of ; nope, nope, nope, all kinds of nope and just sat down.


Tucker defying thunder
I am brave, I am brave and Thunder ain’t got nothing on me!

I tried to coax him gently by pushing him out the door by his butt but I got the same response of nope, nope, nope, so I gave up and went back upstairs and to bed. He followed, resigned to fact that he would have to hold it till later. No more than ten minutes later, in my pseudo sleep I heard him barking downstairs. Not a “Hey I see something , Look look look!” type of bark that usually comes from him and Ranger when they see things outside but more of a steady, bark bark. then a pause, long pause, then bark bark bark.

I made my sleepy way downstairs and he was sitting at the sliding glass door just looking outside. So I opened the door, he peaked out and then knowing the coast was clear ran out and up the hill to the back of the back yard, and really quickly pooped, did his post poop dance and ran back down and back inside. It was all really different than most middle of the night bathroom sessions but I didn’t think much of it so we both went back upstairs and back to sleep.

What I came to realize the next morning was something rather amusing. Tucker wasn’t barking at a physical object. He was barking at the thunder.

As Tucker was sitting downstairs at 2am he really needed to go to the bathroom. And the thunder was preventing him from going outside because he really didn’t want to deal with that bullsh*t along with the rain. So he figured that if he told the thunder off it would go away and he could go poop in peace. I imagined the conversation went something like this in his head

TUCKER: Hey Thunder! Listen up! I really need to take a dump and you, sir, are making that difficult

THUNDER: *Rumble rumble rumble*

TUCKER: No seriously I really gotta go! So f**k off!

. . .

TUCKER: Ok, I’ll take that silence as assent and I’m going out now.


TUCKER: Sonuvabitch! I thought we had a friggin’ deal! WTF! Look, you give me two minutes to let me do my thing and you can rumble and crack and rumble and make all the noise you want when Im bacon bed bugging my dad by using him off his side. Look he’s here now so just bugger off for two minutes!

. . . .

TUCKER: There I’m done. (Dance, dance, dance) I’m heading back in now, the floor is yours, I’m going back the f**k to sleep. Thanks for not being too much of an a$$.

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