Ranger stretching out

Be a Thief, Get Attention

When we first got Ranger and he figured out he was home and it was his he got comfortable really quick. He has beds in every room in all three of his houses. Yes, three houses. He had a house in the country (our main house), at the time Belinda was living in Montclair near where she worked so that was his “City” apartment, and our shore house was his third.

He went from barely surviving to three houses. Such is life for Ranger.

This is how he figured out how to get attention when he was feeling bored.

He pretty much went everywhere with me when we first got him so he wasn’t away from me much in the first 2 years he was with us. But there were times that I could not bring him with me because of one reason or another. No reason that could be explained to him of course. He just saw it as me leaving and him not following along.

So he came up with a clever ply to keep me from being able to leave. Most of the mornings he would hang outside because he likes being out and roaming the backyard catching scents and barking. He might come in to check on me and Belinda to see what we’re doing. Most times he would just head back outside.

But if he noticed that I was grabbing my towel to take a shower he would hang back and wait until I turned the shower on and got in.

This is when he would hatch his plan. While I showered he would systematically take one shoe of each of my pairs that were on the floor in my closet and bring them outside. Not only did he do this in the time it took me to shower (which is at most ten minutes) he would spread them out in the back yard. They wouldn’t be pile up in one spot.

Ranger stretching out
Gotta stretch before being chased so you don’t pull something.

He would then lay down next to the last one that he grabbed and wait for me to come out to gather my wayward shoes.

Now if became a chess match between me and him. I had to gather my shoes without paying attention to him since that would reinforce his behavior that doing the shoe taking would get him attention. So gathering my shoes I would make sure not to pay attention but he knew deep down what he was doing and when it was time to grab the last shoe he was guarding he would start with his play bow and grab it and run around like a loon until he noticed that I wasn’t playing along. Then he would just drop the shoe and huff off to go back to exploring all the scents he was before his attempt to keep me from leaving.

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