Banish Boredom with Interactive Toys

Interactive Toys

Banish boredom with an interactive toy for your doggie.  

Dogs are smart and need mental stimulation and interactive toys are a great way to provide that. We carry a wide variety of treat dispensing interactive toys for all types of dogs.  Our interactive toys range from easy to use to a bit more challenging. We can help you find the right one for your doggie.

Interactive Toys from Great Companies

Planet Dog Snoop

The Snoop from Planet Dog is designed to give your dog hours of fun with three levels of difficulty.  Add the Planet Dog Nook to increase the challenge and add more fun to your dog's playtime

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Planet Dog Nook

The Nook can be used alone by stuffing treats into it. Or use it in combination with the Snoop to give your dog a great challenge

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Planet Dog Mazee

The Maize is a fun toy that dispenses treats as your pup plays with it.  Challenging yet it won't discourage your dog from playing with it.

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Planet Dog Link

The Planet Dog Link is the newest addition to their line of toys. It can be configured hundreds of ways by adding more links. Great for smaller dogs.

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PLAY Wobble Ball

PLAy Wobble Balls stand upright and make it a challenge for your pup to get their treats out of the three different sized holes. 

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SodaPup Originals

Tough rubber canned shaped toy with a treat spot in the bottom.  Great for aggressive chewers and larger treats.

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